Trevor Haldane

Trevor Haldane

Shop Carpenter

When did you join LWE?
November 2020

How long have you lived in Fernie?
3 glorious months

Where did you grow up?
Burlington, Ontario

What do you enjoy most about working with LWE
I’ve only just started but I’m already appreciating the collaborative spirit of LWE. Everyone seems open and eager to share ideas and come up with innovative solutions and designs.
What’s the best thing about living in Fernie? All the gorgeous scenery, wildlife and adventure is nice and all, but who are we kidding, eating all of the chocolate at Bean Pod is the best thing about living in Fernie.

What would you say is your greatest strength at work?
Thinking on the fly, brainstorming and designing efficient jigs and processes. I’m the jig-master.

What does LWE do differently to other construction companies?
Sustainable and beautiful, one-of-a-kind homes chock full of all sorts of elegant, whimsical details. You can see the care and enthusiasm of the building team in every corner of the house.