Owners/ Shop Dog caretakers

When did you join LWE?

How long have you lived in Fernie?

Where did you grow up?
On an island far far away… Newfoundland

What do you enjoy most about working with LWE
Steve: I have the coolest job. I get to work with people who build things, people who create things, people who design things, and people who are talented, creative, skilled, passionate and most of all love what they do. It’s infectious…that’s what I love most about working in LWE.
Cathy: Utilizing my social work skills to analyze everything, make connections, detail everything out, and drive us to create extraordinary.

What would you say is LWE‘s greatest strength
We embrace the creative process of building and strive to continuously improve, it’s ingrained in LWE’s DNA. If there is a better way, a better process, a better product, or a better way of thinking we are on it. Whether it’s solar panels on the roof of our office and shop, a higher performing heating system, a better design, a better tool for the job or better way of building we are all in. It’s just how we’re wired.